Hi, my name is George.
I am a Software and Web Developer and a Network Specialist. I also study at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Athens and do part time photography and cinematography projects. Check out my work as a photographer if that is what you are here for!

My moto is "There is nothing you cannot do.". I love learning new things and getting my hands on any kind of weird project! I am a hard worker, with experience in applied networking, mechanological applications, industrial design and offcourse non stop coding in a gamut of programming languages, including HTML, JS, C, C++, C# and many more.

IT Work

I have always loved working on computers and so my first job was as an IT Support Specialist at the age of 19, a year after I finished high-school. Since then I try to always learn more and more with every carrer step I take. By becoming a Network Professional, working as an IT Technician and as a Web Developer I can confidently say I learned quite a few. My latest focus is on the theoretical aspect of Informatics because of my university studies.

To see more of my CV please head on to my LinkedIn account

Photography Work

Two of the many forms of art I have flirted with is Photography and Cinematography. I first greatly became inspired by studying the physics of optics and light at the University and have since been playing between them two. I have recently started to enorchestrate myself or participate on projects of others on the field of Photography and Cinematography, either on the role of the person behind the camera or by amateurly directing.

To see more of my work on Photography please visit my Instagram Profile.

To see more of my work on Cinematography please visit my Youtube Channel